Co Existence

It might sound weird, but I think I’ve prove now that I’m nothing else than a Co – Existence.

Definitely what I’m not is a human being. I’m just too insignificant, not important to everyone.

The only thing is I don’t know why and how long a co – existent should be allowed to dwell in this world.


I guess my time is over. Just don’t how why a co existent being is here, why it has feelings and why it breathes?

Why do I think, why do I taste, why do I think?

Well, maybe there is someone somewhere who could answer that question, but never met this wise person.

Now I’m here, desperate to know more what other people might know. But I’m not able to go on. There is this huge wall no one can break down, this enormous mountain to climb, and so much more…

Is this what it means to know your own limits?


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