Hi there ;)

Hello everybody.

I have absolutely no idea what I should post. But maybe out there is someone else who has the same problem.  I mean what is it that keeps us posting and reading other blogs? Has it something to do with our insides, or is it a genetic thing? Or maybe both?

What do you think will happen if something or someone would shut off the Internet? Would you die? Or just go out and look for another interesting hobby?


And then there is another thing I cannot answer myself? Why are people using their cell phones all the time, everywhere they go? Will they forget to breathe if they just turn them off? Or will it destroy their little world if you do?

Having a cell phone is fine, but still it shouldn’t be used everywhere, especially not while driving or while talking to others.

It’s just my opinion, but what are you thinking about it?

Let me know and yes, you may use your cell phones to post here if you like.


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