Co Existence

It might sound weird, but I think I’ve prove now that I’m nothing else than a Co – Existence.

Definitely what I’m not is a human being. I’m just too insignificant, not important to everyone.

The only thing is I don’t know why and how long a co – existent should be allowed to dwell in this world.


I guess my time is over. Just don’t how why a co existent being is here, why it has feelings and why it breathes?

Why do I think, why do I taste, why do I think?

Well, maybe there is someone somewhere who could answer that question, but never met this wise person.

Now I’m here, desperate to know more what other people might know. But I’m not able to go on. There is this huge wall no one can break down, this enormous mountain to climb, and so much more…

Is this what it means to know your own limits?

Daily Prompt: A Bird, a Plane, You!

I’d choose the ability to travel through time.
It;s the best choice, because in this way you can set things right, or even be there to prevent a war.
It might be a bit idealistic, but I think if someone gives you the ability to undo bad things before they happen, it would be a fantastic gift.

Daily Prompt: Playtime

Well, for me playtime means a time where you can relax, and just forget about all the daily life issues.
It also can be the time you spend with other people.
I also consider it as playtime when I play with the dogs outside. Even though it also means training for them.
Well, yeah, to put it in a short phrase:
Playtime is fun and relaxing.

Daily Prompt: Perspective

well if I change my perspective in a good way, it’s also useful. And of course if you first think about something negative, turn your focus to something positive, if will always change your perspective. But when I’m writing I’m trying not to think about negative things, so I don’t get a bad influence. The story itself sometimes has sad passages, which makes you feel strange. Those are the times when I need a break to calm down before I can continue writing.

Daily Prompt: FAQ

A friend of mine has trouble with his health insurance at the moment. He would need surgery, but well, life is hard and unfair. Most of the time. There aren’t many people in this world who can consider themselves lucky to have everything they need. But I also think that this is part of the challenge we call life. If we can live…

My journey to L. A.

This story may sound like a fairy tale, but it’s what really happened to me.

If I would need to send a log-line about my time here in L. A. it would sound like this:

A German girl who has been sick all her life, comes to L.A., encounters a miracle and finally feels what is it like to be a normal person.


Okay, so much for the log-line 🙂


It all started on the 6th of September, 2013. I was waiting for boarding the plane to Los Angeles, exited and happy. It didn’t bother me that I had to use my crutches. Then finally the time came where you could enter the plane. Disabled people, or as they say people with special needs, could enter a bit earlier. So I went inside, was looking for my place and waited for the departure. Then the plane was leaving, heading for L. A. I felt sleepy, but I was too excited to fall asleep.

After 11 hours we reached our destination point, the LAX. It was 4:30 when I left the plane, but it took a while until I could leave the airport. At 7 p.m. I reached my new home. It was up the hill and while the taxi service took me up there, I was thinking: Oh no, I cannot climb up and down the hill every day. How will I survive here?

(You might laugh at this point, but well how is a girl from Germany supposed to know there are so many hills in L. A. who are much higher than the ones you see in Germany? We call hills very small grades, but the hills over here are more like small mountains. Anyway, let’s go on with the story)

I was happy when I finally was in my new room and could unpack the necessary things for the night. Then I fell asleep.

The next day I had to do some shopping, otherwise I would starve. You are not allowed to bring any food with you, when you travel by plane. Especially not when you come from a foreign country. So I asked the landlord and he told me that the mall is down the hill. I went outside and was looking for a hint. There were two directions I could take, but I didn’t know which way would be the right one. I choose the easier one that didn’t go up the hill. Then I met a man and asked him which way I should take. I felt exhausted, and when he showed me that the mall was far away I felt desperate. I tried to go downhill, but it was impossible. I was too weak. So I headed back. Fortunately I met a lady on the way who took me to a grocery store and back to the house. She was very kind and we became friends. And I had enough supplies now to survive.

(no don’t worry I will not describe every single day)

The following days were for me like going through hell. If you never had any crutches to walk with you cannot imagine how hard it is to learn how to climb up a mountain, or going down. It was really challenging, but I didn’t give up and let the mountain win. No way.

And then, two and a half weeks later, something changed. I recognized that I could move my legs better. So I tried to strengthen myself even more with practicing every day. It was really hard and the mountain was strong. But I became stronger with every passing day.

At the beginning of October I moved to Culver City. Flat streets, beautiful houses, everything was fine. And there were those stairs you can climb every day. Since I didn’t wish to give up I climbed the stairs with two crutches. Every day.  I didn’t care about the sore muscles, I just went on. And in the evenings I was walking down the street without crutches, every day a bit further.

Now at the beginning of November I can say I can walk and move like everybody else. I might not be as strong as others, but I’ve accomplished so much already.

And now here comes the bottom line. I hope you didn’t expect a real happy ending, did you?

Even though I’m trying to find a job and a company who is willing to sign in for me to get a visa, I didn’t accomplish that yet. And if I don’t I have to leave in December 😦

All I ask for now is another miracle so I can stay. If I have to go back to Germany my health will get as worse as it was before I came here. Or on that day I arrived. Which means I will loose the ability to leave a normal life, because my body is not able to stand the German climate. But I will never forget what it feels like to be healthy, that’s for sure.

Thank you California



Hi there ;)

Hello everybody.

I have absolutely no idea what I should post. But maybe out there is someone else who has the same problem.  I mean what is it that keeps us posting and reading other blogs? Has it something to do with our insides, or is it a genetic thing? Or maybe both?

What do you think will happen if something or someone would shut off the Internet? Would you die? Or just go out and look for another interesting hobby?


And then there is another thing I cannot answer myself? Why are people using their cell phones all the time, everywhere they go? Will they forget to breathe if they just turn them off? Or will it destroy their little world if you do?

Having a cell phone is fine, but still it shouldn’t be used everywhere, especially not while driving or while talking to others.

It’s just my opinion, but what are you thinking about it?

Let me know and yes, you may use your cell phones to post here if you like.